Abundant Life Tools for Today!

Abundance is a table set for those who reserve a spot in their mind for limitless possibilities!

Your particular path to abundance is designed with you in mind. It is unique onto you. But one attribute that successful people have in common is a recognizing opportunities and acting on them.

Is luck on their side or are they creating their own luck?

My belief is that it all has to do with your inherent life perspective. Whether or not they were afraid about these new experiences never affects their action to move forward .

If you have mental blockages with accepting financial flow they will inhibit your ability to achieve abundance.

Self-worth, and even past life experiences can have an affect on your financial mindset.

Questions such as, “do I deserve it”, or “am I meant to be financially free”, announce to the Universe that you have blockages toward abundant living.

An easy way to demolish these strongholds of inadequacy is a combination of tools.

First, stay engaged in life.

Second, open your mind to the possibilities.

Third, be flexible toward achieving your goals

Fourth, when you recognize an opportunity-take action!

Fifth, never give up.

I still remember my HighSchool class Communications and Mass Media which was mostly about advertising. We learned the difference between effective and ineffective advertising. The first rule in advertising should be to engage your audience. Engaging elicits a reaction. My husband was telling me last night one of the things he loves about me is that when we’re talking I’m engaged in the conversation, my sole focus is on him and I’m not distracted by other things. I’m all in.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and it just seems like they’re waiting until you’re finished talking to say what they’re thinking and not really paying attention to any word that you’ve just said? They probably checked out of the conversation about three words into it.

There’s a scene in the movie Wayne’s world like this, and Garth mumble/slams this man but it gets totally unrecognized by the him.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Listen when people are speaking. Respond and stay engaged with life!

The second step may be a bit harder for some of you. Open your mind to the possibilities. If you can’t visualize new possibilities for your life then it’s time you do some daydreaming. There are so many things available on the Internet now that you could literally do a google subject search on your goal and find 1,000,001 different ideas. Don’t worry about the how’s or ways of achieving your dream just begin to dream. Whatever you do, hold the door open for other peoples ideas. Whether their dreams are like yours or not it opens your mind to new thoughts and new possibilities. Practice listening to other people’s ideas such as where to go out to eat, what movie to watch an so forth then continue expanding.

Depending on whether you’re an A or B personality-type , step three could be a challenge. Staying flexible with your goals could mean the difference between riding over the rapids or having your boat buckle and sink. Never miss a chance to be flexible. It starts with very small decisions.

Be flexible with your approach to achieving your goals. Leave room for the universe to bring opportunities into your sphere of awareness. If your goals make you a little uncomfortable you’re on the right track.

Lastly but most importantly act on your vision. Action brings your goals to life.

If all the dreams in the world gave birth right now we’d have an overflow of abundance! Have you ever met someone with billion dollar dreams but two dollar hustle? There’s a couple examples of people with real hustle and success mentality.

More about Ray Kroc: https://g.co/kgs/UBnzFn

“When you’re green your growing, when you’re ripe you rot.- Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc began selling paper cups for tulip paper, but went on to selling a contraption that mixed several milkshakes at once.

Ray became impressed with the McDonald brothers franchise who’d already bought 8 of his milkshake machines. Ray had a vision that this McDonalds joint could become a family restaurant which was different from the other burger places who’d been overrun by gangs. So, he bought the first McDonald franchise in 1955, and went on to be a $600 billionaire by 1984.

Ray Kroc recognized opportunity. He wasn’t afraid to dream of something better and then act in it!

More about Liv: http://www.livboeree.com/

Liv Boeree is another success story. She earned her degree from the University of Manchester in Astrophysics and wanted to take a year off before applying for graduate school. She needed to make cash to fund that year so she interviewed for game shows and landed a spot on a TV reality poker show. Even though she lost in the show she went forward in life to win many tournaments. At one point she became stranded in the south of France because airlines were down. Her friend suggested she check out a tournament in Italy to make money. The buy in was €5000 which she couldn’t afford but they had small poker games leading up to the main tournament and the buy in was €500.

She won the small circuit, bought into the main tournament and ended up winning it all for €1,250,000 ! You could say thank goodness for being stranded. She saw an opportunity and like Ray she took a chance and then she acted on it.

Now, I don’t know their exact thoughts when making these decisions but, I can say that they believed there was every possibility they could achieve their dreams. Each obstacle brought them one step closer to success. They never gave up but kept prodding onward, being flexible enough to allow the Universe to work it’s magic when need be. Just reading about their life will show you that the word “can’t” was replaced with “can”!

Believe me, you can also achieve a successful and abundant life! Follow my blog for more success tips and abundant living tools!

If you need inspiration both of their life stories are impressive. Remember to reserve a spot for abundance in your mind today!

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Jeannie Irwin

Life Coach