Being unique takes confidence

Be yourself and love every part of you!

When are we all going to stop trying so hard to impress people who are busy trying to impress people who are busy trying to…oh you get it. While you’re worried about that little belly fat, thick thighs, small lips or you’re trying to hide a slim wallet, Walmart jeans and your Mommas haircut, no one is looking.

Everyone’s so wrapped up in their own drama that they don’t even see your flaws. But, when a self loving, confident person who’s being 100 % authentic shows up people pay attention. You have something they don’t have, an inner light that’s not copied.

The key to real strength is listening to your gut and doing what makes you happy. When you spend your time absorbed in what feels good the brain sends a signal to the body “relax, I got this!”, the fight or flight complex or survival mode gets shoved in a box and the body releases endorphins and serotonin. It starts killing toxins, immunity strengthens and your are working like a fine oiled machine.

The skin glows, eating habits balance, sleeping after a day spent in pleasant experiences leads to a more restful night, the mind once rested problem solves making work much easier and the cycle continues. You pay it forward and help a co-worker, offer a compliment to the checker, pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks line and the energy is passed onward.

Then their mood is elevated. Suddenly it’s not all about me, me, me, just because someone cares enough to share. They begin thinking of ways to help others, and their help is accepted by a selfish closed minded person, who’s mind is then cracked open to the possibilities, who then pays it forward to the next…ah you get what I mean.

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