Mindset before Manifestation

Success tools for an abundant life

Long before I truly understood the laws of attraction I figured out one thing to be true. If I kept doing things the same way, I’d stay in the same rut. If I wanted my life to change, then I’d have to change me first!

I started out small, first driving a different route to my favorite spots in town. This opened my eyes to new sights, and it jolted my brain out of the matrix it had been stuck in. At times I felt like Neo being shown the same “life program”.

Whether it sounds incredible or not I began opening my mind to outside possibilities. I knew that anything could happen but how could I dream what I’d never been exposed to? I pushed beyond my comfort zones and began going new places, joining groups alone and taking leadership roles in these groups.

It’s strange when the same events that you fear shape you into a stronger person. Each day I became a little bit more of who I wanted to be, and I’m still growing today.

What I’ve learned is that you can sit on your dreams all day, talk about them and use visualization – good beginnings but not the complete package. If your dreams and goals aren’t manifesting then it’s probably because you haven’t changed how you’re working them?

A dream is a living gift that needs nourishment to grow. The basic essentials of your dream fertilizer are:

  • New energy
  • Creativity
  • Hard work
  • Spontaneous action

Be ready to act out of your comfort zone when opportunities arise. Say yes more of the time than no and don’t be afraid to be low man on the totem pole. We all have to start somewhere. Take advantage of all creative help that’s offered and don’t be so pig headed that you think it all has to have only your name on it. Then give credit where credits due. Always know that there’s plenty to go around so, help another out. Remember that the Universe has your back. No good deed ever goes unseen in the cosmos!

Happy Manifesting and mindset changing! You can do it if I can!

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