Abundance Mindset Training

Abundance mindset training is a learning process that empowers you to achieve your dreams. Here are a few mindset tools to help you hold onto your joy through all kinds of adversity.


Mindset is usually an unconscious mental state that shapes your perspectives. Perspectives are personal viewpoints and opinions that frame how your brain processes data.

In layman’s terms, mindset is how your mind is set towards any particular subject. The setting happens at the instance you’re born. You learn through interaction. Were your parents a let the baby cry it out type or did they hold you? There’s no judgment here but thus begins your mindset- beliefs about how the world and others should treat you and in turn how you treat others.

Your mindset is shaped from an early age and continues to build on itself. For instance, when you have a negative mindset that people aren’t loyal you’re more likely to attract self centered people who don’t consider your feelings. But, the good news is that you can change your mindset.

Transforming your mindset takes:

  • commitment
  • Goals
  • backup plan
  • flexibility
  • humor
  • freethinking
  • persistence

Abundance mindset training will require a daily commitment to empowering yourself with a positive viewpoint. No matter the obstacles, your first objective is to see things from a different perspective. There may be times you affirm this commitment several times a day.

Setting abundance mindset goals will help you stay on track. Abundance is a state of being, not just a state of finances. Abundance is being happy with who you are and where you are in life. Your first goals should be happily accepting your body, life, and finances. Being happy with yourself might feel like a huge step for many of you but in time it will be ancient history.

Be ready with a game plan when the obstacles hit. Every great achiever has a plan B. Mentally map out your next move with alternate options. Be flexible in addressing changes that others may throw your way. Time, weather, and Murphy’s Law will bite you in the ass without the flexibility to go with the flow.

Learn to laugh at your mistakes. Freedom takes place when you let yourself be human. A sense of humor will take you through the toughest times. Remember you always have a choice to simply laugh it off.

Mindset training is only accessible to an open mind. Read other positive articles or follow a podcast but allow your mind to expand. Abundance mindset training makes being mentally receptive to new thoughts a necessity.

Finally, achieving and keeping an abundance mindset takes persistence, tenacity, a strong mental backbone, dedication to yourself and some extra spunk. Keep practicing, never stop growing and continue learning ways to be a better you! Using these tools will assure you a steady abundance mindset growth.

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  1. You have always the best source of looking at the other side of a subject, problem, situation. You give me the best advice on how to proceed, and make the right choices. My personal mindset has changed so much I have been with you, and always for the better

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