Successful Teamwork – Achieving Goals!

You have a team, good, bad or indifferent. These are the people you spend time with. They are the ones who know your weaknesses and goals. It’s time to change teams if they don’t care about your dreams or if they enable you to stay in the trench of self pity.

Believe it or not you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, most people’s success stories include gratitude towards a great team of family, friends, or co- workers.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re in a daily mental battle for success. Your trenches are those bad habits that you hunker down in. The ones that give you excuses on why you haven’t accomplished your goals.

A few things you need to know; are you with the right team? When to ask for help, and how to cooperate with your team.

How to Pick Your Team

  • Start by looking for people with similar goals. If you’re fortunate you may find a mentor who’s already accomplished those goals.
  • Ask yourself, Do I feel supported around these people? Do you feel encouraged to act on your dreams.
  • Are you their equal?
  • Are they available within reason to give support and encouragement.

You’ll notice that people with similar goals understand the struggle you’re going through. They may have some tips and tricks that help you achieve your dreams along the way.

When to change teams

I know this may all seem like a no brainer but I’ve met a number of you who are working with a team of disablers. A team who’s aim is to make you feel discouraged, victimized, and powerless. They abuse your time and project blame on you when their life is one long miserable fail. They hold you back, not back you up!

Here’s a few signs you need to change teams :

  • They don’t show up for your games(life’s goals)
  • No support in your victories
  • Project a loser mentality
  • Have no goals

Teamwork doesn’t equal Co- dependency

Once you have found the team you’ll be working with please understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a forever life team. Your team should change occasionally and some people after they’ve played a part in your goals may move forward. This is healthy.

Never become so dependent on a team member that you’re not still working to achieve your goals without their help. Team members should never replace your own blood, sweat and tears that you pour into your dreams! There’s a fine balance between teamwork and co-dependency. Make sure that you are equal with your teammates- no one is above another. You can encourage equality by helping each other out.

Help Your Teammates

Begin by offering assistance to someone on your team. Be willing to get your hands dirty and spend some time helping them achieve a goal. Encourage other people on your team to take steps forward and challenge them to make group decisions. (This is only if you’re literally working on a project together.)

Set Boundaries not limits

This isn’t a your way or the highway type of team. Although you should help your team, you cannot be everything to everyone. Instead of thinking in terms of limits, address your time in terms of boundaries.

Boundaries are essential ingredients in your fight for success. You will need to set boundaries on your daily time dedicated to working towards your goals vs how much time you’ll have free. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Setting boundaries equals achieving goals.

Goal setting and delegating

Goal setting gives you perspective and direction in your journey toward success. It enables you to recognize when you need someone else’s help. Delegating gives someone else power and keeps harmony in the team. You don’t have to do it all, and sometimes you’re not supposed to.

Team Gratitude

I will always talk about gratitude. It’s the most important tool you’ll ever have for success. When your trapped in a mental battlefield of self loathing, self pity and anger, gratitude will stand you up and get you back on your path.

Gratitude is the part of your heart that is thankful that you’ve had help along the way. Be sure to thank those around you regularly for what they do. Staying in a grateful mindset positions your heart to receive more! If you want to put yourself on the path to achievement, simply start being thankful.

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