Dream Speak Repeat- Manifestation!

Please stop whatever you’re doing right now and visualize with me. Imagine every time that you’re speaking a sparkly energy swirls out from your mouth. Now suspend your adult-brain-reality and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Every time you speak you’re in the process of manifesting some form of your reality. For those of you who are new to manifesting, it is the act of bringing your vision into physical form. Whether your speech is positive or negative, the released energy obediently performs.

Three major tools of speech manifestation are: dream, speak, repeat. Read more to find out how.

1. Dream On!

Who doesn’t have a few billion dreams am I right? If you let your mind wander you can probably come up with at least 10 things you’d like to manifest right now. Having a dream for something better is the beginning of having that something!

Don’t limit yourself, dreams are free. How can the universe give you your heart’s desires- if you’re smothering all your wishes and under a blanket. If you’d win the practical award, it’s time to stretch yourself. Go ahead and give yourself permission to dream, this is your first step on the journey of fulfillment.

Speech manifestation moves beyond time and space. It expands without restriction touching and creating things in the universe.

2. Speak your dreams.

Go ahead and tell me what you want. Say it right now! If your listening to my podcast while on a work break, maybe just whisper it. Did you know your speech is powerful and influences what you think and feel almost all day? I can back this up, you ever listen to a person start complaining until they work themselves into a tizzy?! Seriously they just practiced a form of speech manifestation- just not the kind we want to learn.

It’s imperative that you speak your desires aloud. After all how many times in 24 hours do you hear what your boss wants, what your kids need, what your friend wishes for or what your lover needs? It’s time to speak your dreams into reality! Make speech manifestation a habit. Talk about it on your commute to work, in the shower, or alone. Sing it to yourself and meditate on it. Keep your dreams alive by speaking their names.

Speech Manifestation work by blocking negative thoughts and replacing them with reaffirming thoughts. But when you stop talking about what you want it leaves room for complaining, or distrust in the creative process of manifesting.

Your best audience, You.

You hear your speech 24/7. You can’t get away from it although many people try through addictive behaviors. Self talk opens doors or brings restriction. When you practice speech manifestation you’re literally speaking dreams into reality. So be careful what you speak into existence. You’re always listening, a captive audience.

Research shows that your brain chooses the quickest route. A thought that has been repeated digs a groove of sorts, and your brain will continue picking that route even when there’s better choices. In some ways this is good and it’s how we learn. You repeat your ABC’s and multiplication tables until they are committed to memory.

Speech accountability

A successful life begins with being speech accountable. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, it’s just not feasible to account for every word that comes out of your mouth! Check whats manifesting by checking in. Spend a moment asking yourself how you feel. If you feel bad then listen to your self talk. Make sure your not defeating yourself.

Words Hurt

Unfortunately the same thing happens when you repeat untrue statements. The more you say them, the more you believe them. So, how does your daily dialogue sound? Are you cheering yourself onward or throwing hurdles in your way? Self talk can hurt on deep levels.

Words Heal

Remember what we envisioned when we started this session. Your words are like a magical energy. So, even if you don’t have faith that you can make it happen, begin speaking it! Find one negative thought that you repeat daily and re-write it as a manifestation.

For instance, if every time you look in the mirror you see an acne face/ re-write your statement to say something like, “I love my beautiful clear skin, my sparkly eyes and cute nose!” I’ve practiced this on numerous occasions and it works! But, of course take this to the next level with your finances, being with your soulmate or anything else that you want to manifest!

3. Repeat

Notice how kids chatter incessantly about what they want. Can you imagine vying for a raise at work but your co- worker is following the boss around tugging at their shirt and begging and for the position?! Yah, we all know some kiss ups but as the phrase goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. As much as we hate it, the loudest and most annoying sometimes gets their way.

You can never talk too much about what your manifesting! There’s no time limit on manifesting your dreams! Get excited and talk them up! Warning: friends and family may get tired of hearing your speech manifestation so don’t rely on them as sounding boards. All you need is your ears to make your dreams a reality!

Manifesting Homework

A. Pick 3 dreams today and write them as gratitude statements. I’m so grateful that I have (fill in dream). Speak them daily, speak them when you have a spare a moment. Don’t spread your energy, stick to three gratitude dreams for the first 2 weeks! Build and elaborate on your dreams as the days continue. Make your dream so detailed that you can touch them.

If you feel ready add another gratitude statement the third week and stick with only the amount you can truly pour your heart and soul into.

B. Write a one page present tense dream of how your life is in the future. Begin with, I am (name) and I love how my (dreams as if they are real now). Read this every night before sleep. Keep it concise.

Welcome to day one of your journey. I’m so excited that you’ll be achieving your dreams. You will literally manifest so many exciting new things in your life! Please comment below if you need an accountability partner- maybe we can form a group if enough of you get involved.


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