A Winning Life Game Plan

Ever wonder why you begin your day feeling goal oriented but finish by spiraling on YouTube? In todays segment we’ll answer the question, “How do I stop procrastinating & instead set up a winning game plan for my life?”

Let’s just get something straight. If you’ve ever woke up gung-ho and ready to tackle your day but got sidetracked for hours searching funny memes, then you’re a procrastinator. You may just be someone who has a problem accounting for obstacles. I have good news for you. You can set up a winning game plan!

Something You Didn’t Know

First of all, procrastinators are optimists! I know it sounds crazy! You may’ve been accused of lacking ambition or drive but never called a super optimist. The first step you take when diving in to a project is believing you can handle it. That’s well and good but not considering any distractions or hurdles is what gets you. Psychology calls this unfounded motivation but it’s exactly what the law of attraction says you need to manifest your desires! Every enormous tasks you’ll ever undertake will require a certain amount of unwavering faith. You need to believe that you have what it takes to crush it! But you and I both know it’s very hard to maintain that level of excitement, especially once the task becomes tedious. What happens when it becomes boring or you struggle with it? You think, I got this, I’ll just finish later. I like to call this frame of mind, last minute lance.

Last Minute Lance

Last minute lance knows just how the job needs to be done and wouldn’t you know, he or she is a wiz at working under pressure. In fact, last minute lance works better under pressure! Why waste an entire day on doing a project half ass when last minute lance assured you that if you wait, you’ll do even a better job at it?!

After all you’re constantly bombarded with a stream of media begging your attention. “Gotta check my Facebook, emails, texts, calendars and calls.” Then last minute lance pops up, “What if I just do my task later. I have time. It will be a cinch!” But what happens more often when that last minute arrives? You cave, you feel stressed, and there are added surprises you didn’t account for. Last minute lance didn’t have your back, it’s all overwhelming.

Practical Distractions

What you didn’t figure into the equation was the practical everyday distractions that demand your attention. For instance, there’s this little devil called email. Don’t pretend you don’t understand the reference. Your email demands to be read, stacked, sorted, and some trashed! If you don’t handle it, crisis is sure to follow. If you let your email build its going to be mount Vesuvius, and no one needs another Pompeii! So this is a practical distraction. You convince yourself to take time from your task because this is something that needs attending to.

Impractical Distractions

But impractical distractions aren’t needed or wanted, they’re like a virus that spreads too fast to contain! My hubby and I call them rabbit holes you chase down. Maybe one online research returns keywords stoke your questioning mind. Possibly the subject you’re looking up has many different answers. But, either way, after that little sidetrack moment grabs you, you’ve lost your day.

Anticipating the Obstacles

What has to happen is anticipating the obstacles. But, doesn’t everyone face these choices? The answer is Yes! At some point in life, even multiple times a day, life turns into one big cereal aisle! You know what I’m talking about, too many choices. But, here’s where the Capn Crunch and Life splits. Some of you will choose the productive path anticipating both positive and negative distractions that come into play. You’ll take that information and set up a game plan. What the professionals call a contingency plan. A contingency plan takes all possible results into account enabling you to move forward regardless of any outlying issues. So, let’s get into how you can make a good contingency plan.

Contingency Plan Steps

Here’s a few needed steps when creating a great contingency plan. I like to call it HAPN! It can help you make things happen in your life!

  • Honest Assessment
  • Allow choices
  • Prepare to fail
  • Never give up

Honest Assessment

Ask yourself when do I feel best? Then Plan for when you’re not feeling at the top of your game. If You’re always ready to tackle your goals right after an upbeat seminar, then an honest assessment when things aren’t going well helps put things into perspective. Did you let last minute lance talk you into procrastination when you were talking with a positive friend? Where’s the plan when it’s the night before your project is due, you’re tired and don’t feel like you can do it all? Honestly assess who you are in different situations, include both your practical and impractical distractions.

Allow Choices

Then leave room for options in your plan. Even if your sure your won’t need a plan B or C, think it through from different angles. Always include circumstances out of your control. Every person with great success story can recall the choices and options they built into their plan.

Prepare for failure

A lot of you believe that if you plan for failure that you’ll doom yourself. You think if you just motivate yourself higher then you’ll achieve. But, one of the big differences between the non- planner and an achiever is that they have a contingency plan that included room for upsets and failed attempts. They know they might not win the prize the first time out. Just like learning to ride a bike, you fell down but you get back up and peddled off again. The biggest mistake I hear in people’s thinking is that if they fail, it wasn’t meant to be. When what you should be saying is, if I fail, I need to work this up again, or try it a different way. Failure isn’t meant to stop you, it’s meant to hone your aim and crystallize your vision!

Never Give Up

Which leads us into our final stage in the winning game plan, never give up. I know it’s an old saying but the one who comes in last that loses the race, it’s the one who gives up. Never giving up means never giving in to those feelings of desperation. Never giving up is walking away from naysayers that doubt your ability. It’s not their path! Never giving up means being relentlessly effective at starting over! Someone asked me once, “How do you get over things so quickly? They just don’t seem to bother you, you don’t cycle on them.” I answered, “It’s simple, I’ve had a lot of practice failing!” I’ve failed so many times at so many things I can’t even remember them now, but what I learned is we all have a choice to get back up and try again. Don’t let your ego persuade you that it’s not worth trying. Trust me when I say, trying again will give you more confidence than sitting in failed despair!

You can make great things H.A.P.N. in your life by using this winning strategy right now. Let me know how it worked for you. Thank you so much for sharing this information with others.

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