Manifesting Dreams- Law of Attraction- level One

Manifesting your dreams- simple tools-level one-

Raise your hands, unless your driving or operating heavy machinery, if you learned about the law of attraction and then began focusing on a long list of what you wanted?

I see those hands out there in the ether.

I bet youre like me and you had a long list of things you wanted to change, am I right? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but what happened when you didn’t get them?

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In this post I’ll assume you already know how the law of attraction works, so lets switch into fast forward and find out how you can make it work for you now.

Did you watch the Secret when it came out? Did you jump on the bandwagon and get all psyched up thinking you’d be driving a sports car in less than a year? I think a lot of us did. A lot of you may have had the best intentions but when those desires didn’t manifest – you gave up.

You might’ve convinced yourself that the law of attractions teachings weren’t for you. The biggest complaint I hear is, “it just didn’t work for me.”

If you’ve discounted self talk which I have an entire podcast on – let’s go over it again briefly.

You can’t say, I hope so and so doesn’t happen, but what I want is this. What happens is exactly what you didn’t want. It’s similar to operating from a place of bad luck when you do that!

You can make all the excuses in the world for why you keep describing a bad situation at work, in your love life or with your finances but I’m telling you now, if you’re talking it, you’re creating it!

So change the game right now by speaking your reality! Take what you say to heart and begin within by changing your self talk.

Right now the CDC wants you to wash your hands for 20 seconds to fight the corona virus. Some people have suggested singing a song that takes 20 sec’s but, why not use the time to tell yourself the things you need to hear!

Success Affirmations

  • I’m wonderfully made!
  • I contribute to society!
  • I’m in control of my body!
  • I manifest my desires!
  • I attract wealth!
  • I create abundance!”

Now if you want to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and focus on a million things you want to change you’ll find it takes the law of attraction longer time to work.

Be the vibration you want to attract!

So here’s my suggestion to see results in a month or sooner.

I always tell people that the size of your dream is of no consequence to the Universe but people, places, things, and times have to be moved into position to manifest your desires.

Begin by focusing on three things that you want to change. Research shows it’s easier for our brains to concentrate on three things or less. So, whatever you want, be it more money, a new job, better health, or healed relationships, find a photo that correlates to your desire and post it as a wallpaper on your laptop or phone.

You can use a free photo app to create a collage of the three things, or save the three pics in a special folder.

  • Set a timer
  • Pic 3 pics
  • Focus x 3 daily

Set a timer and spend time looking at these photos at least 3 x’s a day- focus on what you’ll do now that you have your desires. Not how you’ll get them but what you’re doing now that they’re yours.

The timer is a very important ingredient which enables you to shut out other distractions. It also helps you maintain a relaxed focus which is paramount for success.

Lastly, spend time daily working on you. Realize you are on a journey of self discovery and growth. During times of reflection and mediation your higher self will nudge you with ideas for things that help expand your consciousness.

You need to act on these spiritual nudged and continue to grow and venture forward on your path. Part of the Universe manifesting your desires is you being in synchronicity with your path. Some people call these coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, yes, but we want to make sure it happens for the reasons that unify your journey.

Also something you may not consider is that the doors that close and the people who walk out of your life might also be working n synchronicity with your highest life path. It’s not always what the Universe gives but sometimes what it removes that puts you closer to your goals.

Lastly, don’t set a time limit on the Universe. It’s true that when everything is almost in place and you’re about to receive your dream come true, that’s when you lose hope and give up. You can’t see all the things that have to take place or what’s happening at this very moment. Don’t judge your ability to manifest your dreams by the clock. These tools may seem simple, but the hardest thing you’ll ever do is to keep believing.

The Universe holds infinite possibilities to manifest your dreams if you just keep dreaming! You’re not dependent on anything or anyone else to take these steps! It’s all within your power to make a difference and start today manifesting the reality you’ve always dreamed.

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