Law of Attraction- Motivational Combat Boots- Part One

A lot of positive motivators don’t want to tell you about your combat boots. They want to keep all their info light and airy. All their talk is positive and happy, and I agree your focus should remain positive but what happens to the spiritual sensitives of the world?

Those who hold the light, or positive frame of mind will attract darkness. It is drawn to you like bees to honey. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re in a battle and part of your defense is the protection that only awareness can bring you.

Being prepared for the negative onslaught can nip 85% of the darkness in the bud.

Today we’re going to expose some of the ways you allow negativity to gain ground and how to protect yourself.

First of all negativity will hit you with your own brand of temptation.

For instance, if you just distances yourself from a narcissist, once you begin your daily motivational journey and practicing the law of attraction- someone new bearing those same narcissist traits will come into your life with the same issues.

If you replaced negative self talk with motivational speech then be prepared for defeating selftalk to try and edge its way back in.

Be ready, because two things I can assure you of is this; the law of attraction works but you’ll be tested. There’s a cosmic balance in this 3 dimensional earth plane. Whether you subscribe to the belief or not- is going to affect you. Balance, yin yang, opposite poles, black and white, they all exist in this world.

So, I’m encouraging you right now to get your combat boots on, and ready yourself for the battle!

Your boots are created specially to protect you. It’s essential to use the tools I give you and lace them up!

Combat Boots

What do combat boots do?

1. Insulate you from the outside environment

2. Give stable footing in uneven terrain

3. Support your stance

What do motivational combat boots do?

1. They Insulate you from negative outside influences by doing these things:

  • Grounding your truth
  • Create positive media barrier

How they stabilize you

  • Positive team & network
  • Motivational media
  • Positive support group
  • Mantras Affirmations

You don’t walk on the hot beach without flip flops! If you know you have to interact with an unstable environment, then come prepared!

Support Your Stance

Sometimes that means not arguing with a crazy person! Being secure within yourself and knowing your truth will help you judge when it’s better to walk away!

Also supporting your stance is motivating someone else. Being a motivational force in someone else’s life helps you retain and reinforce the law of attraction teachings in your own life!

Lastly a supportive structure or stance means opening your mind to higher learning. It’s by consistently adding new law of attraction principles and positive motivation techniques to your own journey, that you stay flexible and continue growing.

Protection behind the barrier

Part of the protection your motivational combat boots brings is only applicable when your not walking into open crossfire on a battlefield.

You need to recognize and further develop barriers and standards in your life. Realize where the quicksand exists beyond them can keep you from sinking.

You want barriers to win this battle right now-

  • the battle to enjoy your life and put the abusers behind you.
  • The battle of your mind to stop cycling on negativity and enjoy the freedom of manifesting your desires.
  • The battle of gratitude and being happy with what you have instead of always being disappointed.

But you have to apply this protection principles in this battle and put on your motivational combat boots then get behind the barrier!


In other words learn to set up personal boundaries. Set up limitations to negative exposure then nourish and feed yourself with daily motivational teachings. We’ll talk more about standards in Part 2.

Start by subscribing to abundant Success Group Blog or abundant Success Group podcast (link in bio) but don’t stop here. Subscribe to other encouraging blogs and podcasts. Make sure you have a steady steam of positive media to rely on.

Stay focused on your goals. Keep getting up every day and trying no matter how hard it may feel.

Stay open to learning new abundant success group techniques and manifestation strategies.

Keep loving yourself enough to be gentle when you fail because we sure love you here.

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