Universal Energy Shift- This Ain’t No Picnic!

Abundant Success isn’t just about laughter and positive thinking. Abundant Success is knowing how to face the trials in your life and grow from them. Here are a few of the current transiting planets and how they are affect you.

We all want to go on a picnic right now. Flowers are blooming and Spring is in the air. The little birds have made their seasonal nest in our porch light and the sun is shining! What more could we ask for other than the ability to leave our homes and assemble like normal humans?!?!?

This is the strong influences that we’re under with Saturn in Aquarius. More than ever we’re being asked to integrate our individual selves in a Universal group expression. A universal consciousness if you will. A humanitarian team!

But, it can’t be that easy. Mars the planet of war, anger, and vitality partners with Saturn giving your life a healthy dose of more hard work. As your work load increases but pay doesn’t resentment surfaces. Its a strange dichotomy as some people’s work load is quadrupling and others are getting laid off.

For those of you who’ve been suppressing work frustration, every little thing gets on your nerves and you feel you’re gonna lose it. Now it’s time to get organized. Set out a daily plan but be willing to adjust to the changes coming your way, this ain’t no picnic baby! About the time you get your ducks in order, someone else may blow things out of proportion. Be aware with Neptune’s influence coupled with Mars, heated arguments and misunderstandings can mount under this transit.

One thing that becomes obvious though is how your current habits stem from past conditioning. Whether you want to accept it or not, your upbringing may still be playing a large part in how you address situations. It may be unnerving to view how these past conditions are now controlling your life but it’s essential for your growth. Non judgmental reflection is part of a healthy routine.

Although this knowledge could be upsetting in the future it will also be very valuable.

The trick with these transis is to create a balance between your own self interests and that of others. You don’t need to subordinate your authenticity, but rather coordinate your goals with theirs. Tuning in to the group’s needs so that all benefit is key to accessing your power. When you find a collective team to work with it will be a productive time.

Finances Food Friends & Familia

The planet Venus transiting in Taurus can be financially good or bad depending on how you handle it. On The positive side: you have the power to attract material possessions and people you need in your life. Financial opportunities will present themselves but hardship can overwhelm the good because of your tendency to be extravagant. It’s more of a case of desiring what you can’t afford. Sound all too familiar? It’s a good time to dream big, and work for what you want but don’t sacrifice normal bills to have what you want, especially beautiful clothes, jewelry and objects to beautify your home.

Financial negotiations are favorable under this transit and borrowing money should not be difficult. You radiate warmth and genuine emotion influencing a stronger need to connect to others. It’s a time you feel like inviting friends and family over for a barbecue. Eat, drink, and be merry.

But social isolationist moon in Cancer wants to stay at home and go inside herself.

Team Work makes the dream work

Moon transiting in cancer- During this time you’re more likely to fall into a dreamy state of mind with fantasies and illusions becoming more important than reality. It’s not a good time to make decisions or embark upon a course of action that requires clear thinking. With Miss moon in cancer, you’re more likely to spend money on things that make you more comfortable at home such as a new bed, yoga mat, new pots and pans, a brand new pillow or comforter set. If it smells good, tastes good and looks good you might be searching the web to buy it right now.

Self isolation is great if you use it to reflect and grow not become stagnant. Allow this time as you hunker down to be a chrysalis, a transformation into the beautiful life you want to live. We all have lessons we’re learning right now about fear, positive thinking, manifestation and protection. Learn from this and grow!

You got an itch?

Venus trine Mars is generally favorable for most kinds of activity. There’s a real – “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”- vibe to this transit.

People appreciate a non-abrasive, direct approach. You’ll win more people over if your goal is for them to have the same freedom as you. Aim for partnerships that allow both parties to pursue their own objectives. Most people are willing to help you achieve your dreams as long as you’ll return the favor.

Extend your understanding to those that may be having emotional struggles right now. Understand that many people feel possessive under these transit and want to hold onto relationships that may be bad for them, they may cling even tighter to already stable relationships because the fear of being alone or alienated is very strong at this time. If you hold on too tightly you could lose. It’s essential you adopt a free attitude toward what you’re afraid of losing and you’ll be less likely to lose it.

While working in groups maintain your sense of authenticity but be willing to negotiate. Remember you’re a team player. One for all and all for one. If it profits the one it should profit the many. We are shifting from a world of selfish gain to one of abundance for all!

Spend time in meditation and self reflection as you integrate and adapt to new Universal harmonics that are affecting your physical body even on a cellular level. If you’re experiencing more pain than usual it is the effort of your body to adjust. You can aid this shift with stretching, yoga, and breath meditation.

Lastly, eat healthy high vibration foods during this time, and if you can’t rest at night , use that time to meditate. As in all things, continue to stay focused on the prize. Make healthy thoughts part of your daily regimen. In every way we are here for you and send blessings for a brand new day!

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