Go Within

It is not in the quiet comfy places of the mind that we evolve and reach closer states of bliss but it is in those dark places of the mind where we shine a light. As we shine the light we are able to fully resolve fears and untruths, hate and dispair.

As you work through these soul trying moments, allow the Divine breath of Shiva/Shakti to transform your worn out egoistic states of mind into enlightenment.

Is it not easiest to love those who love us? In the same way it’s no great accomplishment to meditate with a calm mind on a soft cushion. You receive greater spiritual blessings when you work with the darkness found hiding in the basement of the Self.

What darkness you might ask? It is that very same cyclical thought that keeps rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of your burial grounds. How many more times will you burn it like an effigy?

You must go within, seek out the zombie nightmare you’ve been trying to deny, that which is sometimes called, self criticism and at other times, regret and allow it to Breathe. Inspect it under the light of Divine detachment.

When it throws emotional daggers into your heart, and contrives to lay waste to your subtle mind do not run in fear again. You must be ready to stand, to follow the thought all the way to it’s conclusion until it can Breathe no more. Be ready to stand guard as you would for a violated man/woman and right the wrong impassionately. As a lawyer knows the subject of his case.

Breathe again into your lotus heart and release the personal identification, the label of juggernaut you’ve given this speck. It is merely there to help you grow closer to the Divine within you.

One comment

  1. Beautiful writing Jeannie and very truthful. It takes a very strong person to look within at that darkness and show light upon the things that want nothing more than to stay in the darkness

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